Focusing almost exclusively on coaching meetings that only develop students' knowledge and skill, is like building a home with many walls, but no roof or foundation. Developing non-cognitive skills and a positive personal narrative is the bedrock of student success. 


What is Narrative Based Student Coaching?

It is through students’ personal narratives - life scripts - that they are either limited or empowered. In Narrative Based Student Coaching (NBSC), coaching questions are engineered to encourage students to take ownership of their strengths, while externalizing their challenges. In doing so, they can dialogue with a coach about possible solutions from a strength based perspective, without the effects of shame or defensiveness.  Students take care of themselves differently, when they know themselves differently!


Kristin strives to find the most flexible and effective consulting solutions for your organization:


  1. A Thorough Needs Assessment
  2. Remote Consultation: tailored coaching templates, virtual training sessions and/or recorded training modules
  3. A Direct to Student Experience Workshop/e-Learning to augment the work of your coaches or as a stand alone product
  4. In-Person Consultation: more in-depth group and one-on-one training sessions
  5. Train the Trainer series to ensure the necessary "Coach Mentality" is one that sticks
  6. Customized Contracts: that meet the current needs and mission of your organization