“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” Maya Angelou


What is the Narrative Based framework?

Narrative coaching is an framework that serves to liberate you from dis-empowered stories that in most cases, no longer fit. Offering a new lens, narrative coaching allows you to become aware of outdated thought patterns and to begin the process of cultivating preferred and updated narratives. Through a strategic process, you are invited to inquire into other, more positive stories from your past or current life or circumstances. Additionally, you will create a new relationship to the problems that surface and threaten to derail you (things like fear, doubt, procrastination, lack of trust, perfectionism, etc.). When you feel more connected to your strengths and values and have forged a more effective way of understanding and responding to your problems, you will grow more courageous and intrinsically motivated in the face of whatever obstacle or mission is before you.

Here is a glimpse of the Narrative Framework;


  1. Strengths and values inventory

  2. Relationship between situational problems and mindset problems

  3. Identify top individual/collective mindset problems

  4. Externalize problems; create a conversation to understand the scope of the problem

  5. Find exceptions to the problem

  6. Leverage everyday wins

  7. Update your narrative/create a plan of action

Are you having the right conversation by asking the right questions?

Are you or your team feeling stuck in repeating patterns that yield the same results? Often the way through is to ask different questions and engage in different conversations. Narrative coaching does just this. Here are some simple narrative questions to sample as a way of ‘changing the conversation’ (with yourself, a colleague or subordinate):

  • If someone who knew and loved were part of this conversation, what strength would s/he share about you that I am not yet aware of?

  • Share a time when that quality showed up previously?

  • Remembering this about yourself, what would you like to have happen, that hasn’t happened yet?

  • How will remembering this about yourself help you tackle this particular situation, in a way that you hadn’t immediately considered?

Kristin strives to find the most flexible and effective consulting solutions for your organization:

 Kristin Taylor Consulting provides team building, facilitation, coaching and consulting services based on her Narrative Based Coaching framework (including approaches highlighted in the book and course, reMIND).

Delivery Methods Include:

  • Executive and Senior Team Sessions

  • Customized Programs

  • Break-out Sessions

  • One-on-one Coaching and Feedback

  • Large Training Sessions and Presentations

  • Integration with Organizational Development Initiatives

  • Webinars