Our Mission

  1. To shake up outdated and ill suited stories that no longer serve current goals and dreams

  2. To provide a clear framework within which individuals and teams can identify, celebrate and leverage daily wins, and in so doing, begin to craft a more empowered story

  3. To provide a clear framework and new language within which individuals and teams can identify exceptions to some of the problem saturated stories that are currently limiting them

  4. To externalize problems so that people can have an engaging and interactive relationship to them, rather than experiencing shame, defensiveness and a feeling of being trapped or stuck

  5. To liberate people, teams and organizations from the problems they have internalized as part of their identity

  6. To inspire hope, courage, action and integrity in the lives of others!


About Kristin Taylor



Over twenty years ago, Kristin earned her master's degree in counseling psychology and was trained as a narrative therapist. In her work, she coached and counseled clients ranging from those navigating homelessness, living with chronic and life-threatening illnesses to those eager to move in the direction of their dreams; whether they be finding a romantic partner, starting a business or getting in shape and losing weight. Kristin has spent the last twelve years working in higher education, where she has refined her narrative based coaching approach to work with students, faculty and staff in claiming more empowered personal narratives in the face of ongoing challenges and obstacles (both systemic and personal). Most recently, Kristin has has authored the book reMIND and with a partnership with the publishing company Perceivant, is bringing the narrative coaching framework to students and the general public alike.