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Our Mission

  1. To seamlessly transform your coaches into inspired agents of change

  2. To give coaches the ability to recognize pivotal coaching moments, and leverage them skillfully

  3. To increase student enrollment and retention by giving coaches the tools to address the core reasons many students don't enroll or drop out

  4. To play an instrumental role in supporting educational equity by offering a solution that  builds critical non-cognitive skills in the students who need them most

  5. To rekindle the love you have for the work you do!

Our mission is to enable your coaches to confidently address students' personal, academic, economic and cultural challenges.  The goal is for students to leave coaching meetings with more belief in themselves, and in what's possible. 

Our mission is to support your ability to better attract, enroll, retain and graduate more students.


About Kristin Taylor


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Twenty years ago, Kristin earned her master's degree in counseling psychology when she immediately began working with clients navigating difficult life transitions. For the past ten years, she served as an academic success coach, developing an expertise in coaching "at-risk" students. Because of the results she was able to achieve, she went on to manage and train teams of coaches to do the same. Her approach is a creative amalgamation of her time as a counselor, combined with a strength based, solution focused approach to student coaching that is profound, yet easy for all coaches to adopt.