In their own words:

“Although we only had a couple of sessions, being coached by Kristin Taylor was and remains to be a very powerful and empowering experience. Her coaching style helped me identify my strengths as well as identify areas of growth that needed practice. Til this day, her coaching stays with me in my career as well in my personal life. I really feel that she helped me flourish as an individual to reach my potential and realize through narrative-based coaching that all along I had the power to make decisions, changes in my lifestyle and help others realize that as well. Everything is already in you, sometimes it takes some coaching to see your potential -- that there's power in your story and there will continue to be as you grow and power through obstacles.”

- Elizabeth Rojas, First-Generation College Graduate

"When I think about Kristin Taylor I think about words like grit, growth mindset and resilience. In the first five minutes of our conversation it became clear to me that Kristin had insights about narrative based coaching that I hadn’t found anywhere else. Because of her unique perspective, education and experience she opened my eyes to coaching in a new way – a better way. Without question she is someone I count on to tell me the truth, provide valuable feedback and ultimately a new way forward."

Colby Jubenville, PhD: Speaker, Author, Blogger, Educator / Center for Student Coaching and Success at Middle Tennessee State University

“Kristin is a coach among coaches! Her work with helping people to know themselves differently and apply that mindset in order to grow through challenges has been revolutionary in the coaching world.  Kristin expertly delivers the customized tools every coach and organization needs to tackle the most challenging coaching obstacles and drive results from average to excellent!”

Todd McArthur, Career Development Coach, Healthcare Professional, Boise, ID


"Few people have influenced my ability to impact the lives of others as profoundly as Kristin Taylor has in the nearly 5 years I worked under her leadership.  Kristin is uniquely gifted in identifying and then developing a person's strengths, passions and skills.  She artfully capitalizes on growth opportunities that she uncovers by asking poignant questions she crafts by hearing the truth behind our words. There isn't a person alive that wouldn't benefit as I have from working with Kristin."

Tim Bedi, Director of Youth Ministry


"Kristin Taylor is a dynamic, highly-skilled and uniquely brilliant coach, leader, and consultant.   Her approach to student success is all about belief: students' belief in themselves, belief in their support networks and belief in the educational paths they have chosen.  As a mentor and trainer of student support staff, Kristin helps a team build unique coaching skills that lead to strong and trusting student-coach relationships that invite real and powerful conversations that impact both short and long-term student success.  In my nearly 10 years working with Kristin, I have seen her hands-on coaching development lead many teams to achieve significantly increased student retention, progress and graduation.  I have seen her lead teams to feel more connected to the transformational aspect of their roles- inspiring them to go beyond providing advice and information and instead begin to offer collaborative coaching that can truly change lives.  Students supported by those trained in Kristin's coaching methods excel far beyond their time receiving coaching - as they have developed self-awareness, confidence and a willingness to ask for help that will serve them in all future goals.  I count myself truly lucky to have been a colleague of Kristin's for so long - and to have had the opportunity to learn from her and pass on what I have learned to others. Any team looking to improve student success would deeply benefit from working with and learning from her."

Liz Derrough, Director of Community Partnerships / Former Training Manager and Elite Coach at InsideTrack


"Kristin holds a genuine desire to move our culture forward by providing greater access to education and cultivating educational equity. She understands the influence of one’s narrative; where their story empowers them and where they may feel stuck and unable to meet their goals. Having worked alongside Kristin in a variety of capacities within higher education consulting, I have consistently witnessed her ability to understand and transform student and institutional narratives in a unique and impactful way. Her mission is to move our narratives forward by elevating the role non-cognitive development plays in the student and institutional experience. She delivers thoughtful assessment and insightful recommendations to powerfully equip and engage college coaching teams to coach students where it really counts—their mindset, movement, and belonging. Her ability to elevate the potential of teams, transform dialogue into focused action, and deliver results that advance both students and those who serve them is absolutely incredible. Kristin will engage you, support you, and challenge you to better know and develop your students, your institution, and yourselves."

Tonyalynne Wildhaber, Principal Coach & Consultant, The Courage Practice


"Sometimes professionally we are given the opportunity to work with someone that profoundly affects you and those around you - Kristin is one of those people. In her work, she's had a reputation that precedes her. There were times I had to help transition coaches to other teams and I would ask what type of manager they felt they best worked with. Often, the response I got was, "I want to work with someone like Kristin Taylor." People love working with her because she is passionate, caring and effective. I believe people initially were drawn to her because of her intentional presence and reputation. But once they actually work with her, they realize that they gain the ability to help others, and themselves, by understanding the powerful effect our narratives have on our lives and the agency we have in them. Through her coaching, Kristin helps you better understand your past self and gain control of writing your future one."

Chris Jenkins, Executive Advisor / Former Operations Manager at InsideTrack

"The realization of potential is an ongoing challenge for the human experience.  In an academic setting, students achieve more when they own the outcome.  The question is how do we facilitate more ownership without unintentionally disempowering students.  Coaching is not merely an activity that is performed; rather, it is a natural extension of who you are for others.  This is where Kristin Taylor shines.  She has the unique ability to create an environment of authentic listening that leads to cultural shifts along with practical/proven strategies to ensure sustainable gains.  If time were infinite and Kristin never slept, it would be amazing to have her personally coach every student.  That not being the case, being trained by Kristin is one of most the cost effective ways to deliver impactful coaching at scale."

Josh Williams, VP, Partnerships at ClearScholar



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